Ideas for Single Travelers on a Budget

Traveling by yourself gives you an endless opportunity and complete control over where you go, what you see, how you get there and when. How you spend your time on your vacation is completely up to you when traveling alone.

If you are feeling adventurous, then you do not have to worry about a travel partner being too tired or lazy to go.

When saving for a family vacation, you must budget for each member of the household. However, solo travel can be significantly cheaper. By traveling alone, you can take many incredible holidays on a budget that you may never be able to afford if traveling with a partner or family. Finding inexpensive flights as a single traveler can be easier than when traveling with others, and single-occupancy accommodations are cheaper than comparable double-occupancy accommodations. Meals and activities are also obviously cheaper for one than for more than one.

Indeed, the toughest part about taking a holiday alone on a budget is figuring out what sort of holiday to take. Key considerations besides the cost of getting there and affordability of the destination include what there is to do there and safety for single travelers. Some of the best destinations for solo travelers on a budget can be found off-season, when crowds are down, and destinations currently suffering tough economic times. The following travel ideas might be your next great getaway.

Bangkok, Thailand

You will not be lonely traveling alone to Bangkok unless you want to be. Known for attracting a diverse swath of people from around the world, Bangkok exposes you to a myriad of cultures and personalities all coexisting in a bustling harmony. Bangkok also happens to be one of the locations for retiring abroad that expatriate consider.

Traveling alone, you soon find locals embracing you like family and showing you their eminent hospitality. Socialize with people from places you may never get to visit in the packed bars and expatriate mixers or lose your inhibitions and dance the night away at electrifying nightclubs extending into early-morning after-parties.

Glacier, Montana

If hiking is your thing, then head to Glacier National Park in Montana for the remote hiking experience of a lifetime. By doing it alone, you can hike at your own pace, starting and stopping as you see fit, unencumbered by the needs of others. However, you will not be entirely alone, as you are bound to bump into fellow hikers along the way to chat or walk with a spell before parting ways to continue on your own. Hike steep inclines to expansive vistas of snow-capped mountains and deep, plunging valleys and ravines, along the way catching sight of wild goats, marmots, rabbits and chipmunks and maybe even a moose or bear. In all, Glacier offers over one million acres to explore, including 175 mountains and 745 miles on hiking trails. Test your mettle while witnessing some of the last and best pristine wilderness left.

Paris, France

You do not have to be in a relationship to enjoy the romance of Paris. In fact, you can find romance in the renowned “City of Love” perhaps more readily than anywhere else in the world.

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However, a trip to Paris is about more than the romantic atmosphere of its plazas and byways. It is also about its historic cultural sites like the Eiffel Tower and its world-famous museums like the Louvre and the Rodin Museum. As a solo traveler, instead of staying in an expensive hotel, consider staying in a residential flat, giving yourself more of the experience of a Paris local for a lower cost. Immerse yourself in the vibrant public markets and garden parks throughout the city, making friends and new acquaintances all along the way.

Seville, Spain

Just because you are traveling solo, it does not mean you need to spend your time on the trip alone. Travel to Seville, Spain, and you can make endless friends there to eat tapas, drink, dance and explore with. Situated in the heart of the region reputed to be the most hospitable, open-minded and fun in all of Spain, Seville has a rich public social life spilling out over the streets, plazas and cobblestone paths outside the abundant restaurants and bars. Strike up conversations with students studying abroad and locals alike. Depending on when you go, you are likely to find some sort of parade, procession or street party underway.


Slovenia may not be a place many people would initially consider when searching for their next travel destination. That could be precisely part of the reason why Slovenia makes such a great holiday destination for single folks wishing to get away from all the crowds and the action.

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Explore a mix of Italian and Austrian influence while enjoying the space to experience it more like a local than as a tourist site. The capital, Ljubljana, offers historic old streets surrounded by the Ljubljanica River frequented by pedestrians and bicyclists visiting the many small shops and cafes. With abundant museums, churches and parks to enjoy during the day and an active bar scene at night, there is always something to keep a single traveler busy.

Wales Coast

For long quiet walks and serene meditative sitting spells, visit the small towns along the coastline of Wales. With endless ponds and beaches, old, artful architecture and a pristine surrounding countryside, Wales is a common site for artists to set up an easel and creative writers to break out a pad and pen. Rather than staying in a hotel while there, spend some nights in one of the area’s medieval castles, other nights camping in a beachside campground and the rest enjoying the humble hospitality of a local bed-and-breakfast. While visiting, you can find locals eager to engage you in friendly conversation, perhaps over a pint of local brew. While the rural outlying towns speak predominantly Native Welsh along the coast, English is still the most prominent language spoken.

The British Virgin Islands

Escape to the white sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands. Boasting a vibrant nightlife, this Caribbean paradise is listed routinely as one of the safest travel destinations for singles. As one of 60 islands in the area, the British Virgin Islands has a lot to offer to visitors. World class dining for the foodie in you, scuba diving for the adventurous, and many cultural and arts experiences ongoing throughout the year mean that you can never be bored while there.

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