Best Student Discounts for 2019

Being a student is expensive. You have to pay for housing, books, classes and all your living expenses while working a part-time job or no job at all.

When you want to go out or buy something extra, you may have to scrounge for the money. Every penny counts when you are a student. Fortunately, many retailers and service providers recognize the value of an education and appreciate how hard it is for students to make ends meet. They offer discounts to students on a wide range of products and services so those students can save a few dollars and stop stressing about whether they will have enough money at the end of each month.

Discounts range from freebies on products such as mechanical pencils to special deals on travel around the world. Typical discounts are in the 20 percent range, but they can go as high as 50 percent off on certain items. We have put together a list of some of the best student discounts for 2019, sticking with the ones most students will actually use.

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. Many students cannot afford the free, two-day shipping and access to streaming video at its regular price. Amazon, however, offers a full six months of free Prime to students so they can try the service.

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After the first six months, the service is just $6.49 per month or $59 if you pay annually. In addition to streaming movies and television programs, students get unlimited photo storage and perks throughout the year.


This popular resume-building website offers free resume-building services for 30 days to students. The service includes tips on how to write engaging cover letters, unlimited resumes so students can target specific industries and valuable interview advice. After the initial 30 days, Wozber offers special rates. Students can also store their resumes and cover letters on the Wozber website for future use.

Student Travel

Students yearning to travel are in luck – there are many travel agencies and airlines now offering discounted travel packages to current students who are traveling on a budget.

STA Travel

Considered the gold standard for student travel, STA Travel is an established travel agency catering to students. The website is easy to use and offers lots of resources for travelers. You will find great airfare deals that change weekly, so check back often to get the best prices. They also break down the rates and organize them under headings that make sense to college students. You can search for travel under different categories, as well as by location and price.


Students wishing to travel across Europe can use the Eurail Youth Pass at 23 percent off standard fares. The discount applies to those younger than 27 and comes in a Global Pass or a special one-country version. It is the ideal way to see as much of Europe as possible without emptying your wallet. You also get a 20 percent discount on Lonely Planet guides using the special Eurail discount code.

Office Professionals Plus 2019

OnTheHub offers Office Professionals Plus 2019, Abode Creative Cloud and other software for free to students at participating schools. Just input your school’s information into the search feature to find out if you qualify.

Clothing & Accessory Discounts

There are dozens of discounts to be had for anyone with a student ID. Among the many discounts offered by popular retailers are:

  • Club Monaco: 20 percent
  • Ann Summers: 20 percent
  • Victoria’s Secret: 15 percent
  • H&M: 15 percent
  • Banana Republic: 15 percent
  • Reebok: 15 to 30 merchandise
  • Express: 15 percent
  • ModCloth: 15 percent

Streaming Video

There is a great streaming service currently available for students who enjoy watching television and movies. They can get the Spotify Premium package of Spotify, Hulu and Showtime for just $4.99 a month. All you need to have is an .edu email address to start your subscription.

Cellphone Service

Your cellphone is a lifeline when you are in school. It keeps you in touch with friends, family and professors. If you cannot imagine life without robust cell phone service but you have a limited budget, compare student rates between carriers to find an affordable cellphone plan. Most of the big-name cellphone carriers offer student discounts. Sprint and AT&T both offer discounts to students at participating universities. Visit their websites to learn whether your school participates in the program.


The GitHub website is a platform for hosting and reviewing code, collaborating with others on software issues and managing your own software designs. If you are studying coding, you will want to be on this service. Students can sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack for free and get access to various software development tools and free credits for Digital Ocean, AWS and other services. These would normally run into the hundreds of dollars.


There are countless online shops and brick-and-mortar stores offering discounted textbooks. We focused on the ones that offered the best selection and prices. Here are our picks.


This book seller has been around for quite a while and is recognized for great prices (up to 75 percent off) and prompt customer service. The company also has partnerships with lots of local book sellers in major cities to bring you the best prices.


This trusted website has been around for more than 20 years offering students discounts of at least 60 percent off on textbooks and related materials. You can buy, rent or sell your textbooks here. CampusBooks has a feature that will calculate your book costs based on coupons, promotions, discounts and even shipping cost so you know exactly how much you will be spending before you purchase.


This online textbook store lets you choose between buying and renting your textbooks. You can save up to 90 percent off the cover price if you rent the book for a period of time and then return it to Chegg. If you decide you want to keep a book, you can do so at an additional cost.

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