4 Ways You Can Reduce Your TV Bill

Television is a concept that has evolved rapidly over the past few decades and it is still not finished changing today.

Since as early as the 1930’s, Americans have used TV to provide hours of entertainment when watching our favorite shows or simply to provide noise in the backgrounds of our busy lives.

Television has broadcasted the news, sports, comedies, game shows, dramas and so much more to millions of homes across the country and nearly every household in the country has at least some way of turning into a TV station.

However, in this ever-changing technological era, TV is evolving in ways that we may not have anticipated. Some are finding that they can find alternatives to TV service, rendering their expensive TV bills obsolete.

Whether or not you feel this way, there are probably some easy ways in which you can scale down your monthly TV bill in order to save money and time.

Why might you want to reduce your TV bill?

There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate how much you are spending on television costs every month. Our daily lives are full of various expenses, with some of them being more necessary than others.

We all need a roof over our heads, food, water and all of the rest of the basics. But, is TV one of the more important things in your life? For many, the answer may be no. However, this does not mean that they should not spend money on TV as a form of entertainment.

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Simply put, money spent on the things that you enjoy is rarely money wasted. Going to shows, reading books, playing sports and, yes, watching TV are all valid forms of entertainment that you should not be ashamed of.

However, if you are running low on funds, then certain parts of your entertainment budget may need to take a back seat to your health and well-being. Even if you are doing fine financially, there may be reasons for you to lower your TV bill, as discussed here.

Consider What You Do and Do Not Watch

Not all TV providers offer the same packages of channels, and there is a good chance that you do not really care about a lot of the channels that you are already getting. In this fast-paced world with so many different interests and styles of content creation, there are thousands and thousands of possible TV stations to potentially flip through. But, do you really need them all?

Certain TV providers will offer different varieties of channels to individuals and families with different interests. For example, while a company might have a package that includes a lot of reality TV channels, they might have another that includes a lot of sports channels.

Many companies have packages that provide both! If you still want to keep your cable but want a lower monthly bill, then take inventory of what you really want to watch and what you could live without. Then, go to your provider and work out a deal!

Try to Work Out a Bundle Deal

Speaking of working out deals, there are many ways that you can get a special sale price on your TV bill. For many companies, especially the bigger, more corporate ones, TV is just one aspect of their business. Among other things, TV giants like AT&T and Comcast are also responsible for companies that provide:

  • Internet services.
  • Phone services.
  • Wireless data services.
  • Streaming services.

In order to get the best possible deals on your individual service needs, it can sometimes be a smart idea to get all of your services from one place. Not only will they often give you a good discount for using more than one of their services, but it will also be easier to make your payments online or via mail when there is only one place to send them all.

Likewise, you will be saving money on your internet , home phone or cellphone services. Most companies even let you set up a direct deposit system so that all of your various monthly payments are removed from your account automatically at a certain time each month.

Look Out for Hidden Fees

Many times, the fees that you are charged as part of your TV bill every month are perfectly legitimate and make sense. Other times, a company will try to trick you in some way and stack on needless fees just to get more money out of your pockets every month.

In general, most TV providers fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Your responsibility as a TV consumer is to look at your bill with a discerning eye and make sure that everything is on the up and up.

Some easily changeable fees to look out for include:

  • Rental fees. This is one of the most common fees and one of the most easily avoidable ones. Instead of renting your modem and router for your internet and TV, buy one of each for yourself and have them hooked up to your service that way. Over a few years, you will have saved a lot of money.
  • Extra TV box fees. Many homes are equipped with multiple TVs but you do not need a TV box for each TV. Your TV box can let you do some great things, such as record shows and rewind live TV, but consider only having that available for one TV in the home. That way, you will save money by only paying for one box.
  • High definition fees. Your TV might have the capabilities to show pictures in crisp HD but do you really need it? Consider not paying for HD service in order to get a slightly less realistic image but much cheaper cable bill.

Get Rid of Cable Altogether

As a final extreme, it may be time for you to say goodbye to cable TV entirely. Having thousands of channels at your fingertips is great, but it can also be annoying and expensive for many people. If you rarely use many of the channels on your TV, then consider switching to a streaming service instead.

These services allow you to watch certain TV shows and movies that are curated by the company you go with and charge much less per month than a TV provider.

Making this change can be a challenge, but it will ensure that you are still getting the entertainment that you want for a much lower monthly payment. Then, you can use the extra money that you are saving each month on the things that really matter in your life.

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