4 Reasons You Should Only Be Using Streaming Devices

Living in the 21st century, there are a lot of technological changes that take place around us every day.

We use our phones and other electronic devices on a daily basis and to do everything from setting reminders to personal finance apps to help track and save money. Every new advancement in the tech field brings us closer and closer to a world that will be completely unrecognizable to people from before the year 2000. One of the more revolutionary changes in the past few decades has been the reimagining of the television industry.

Although many may speculate that TV is a dying medium, Americans consume far more hours of traditional television programming today than they did before the internet was invented. In reality, Americans simply have more options for watching TV today than ever before. However, TV costs can be expensive between the costs of cable bills and smart TVs. This article will aim to inform you of the benefits of streaming devices and why you might save a lot of money by switching to one today.

They Often Have Better Designs

As the years go on, technology gets better and better. This can be easily seen by the introduction of new streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and many more. These companies have carved a hole into the traditional TV market by providing on-demand access to your favorite TV shows and movies, without too many commercials and with a search functionality.

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Additionally, the hardware that they offer provides many upgrades from other types of TV providers. These include:

  • Smarter controls. Using simple, better designed remote controls can provide a smoother TV watching experience.
  • More intuitive user interfaces. Who wants to go through a bunch of confusing menus to set up your TV service? Many streaming services aim to make your process simple and fast.
  • Background updates. Whereas software updates can take forever to initiate and wait through on a smart TV, streaming devices usually update themselves automatically when you are not using them.

By focusing on the design aspects of the TV service that some might consider to be small touches, streaming platforms can often get the upper hand in terms of which TV watching experience feels better to use.

They Give You More Options

It is definitely not a unique experience to flip through TV channels for minutes to hours while struggling to find what you really want to watch. This is because, with traditional TV, someone else is choosing what airs and what does not. With a streaming service, you have access to the things that you want to watch, whenever you want. Additionally, streaming services can give you access to certain exclusives that other TV-watchers may not get the chance to watch. This can include:

  • Service-exclusive shows. If you are a subscriber to a popular streaming service, then there are often many shows that are specific only to that streaming service.
  • Certain sports and events. Cable TV may show one or two football games for your area on Sunday but they certainly will not show everything that is happening live like you can get with a sports streaming service.
  • Old or niche movies and TV. The concept of traditional TV may provide access to certain unique shows and movies but the very obscure genres and films can sometimes only be found by seeking it out on a streaming service.

Although you may not know what you want to watch tonight, having more options is far superior to having to settle for whatever is playing.

They Come From Competitive Tech Companies

This may seem like a strange reason to go out and purchase a new device but it is actually one of the biggest reasons why the concept of streaming devices has taken off over the last decade. Until recently, the concept of a portable streaming device that could plug into any hotel TV seemed like a novel concept that was not practical in reality. However, today we are seeing more and more companies unleashing their portable USB stick-esque devices that can allow you to turn any TV into your own collection of movies and TV shows.

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This innovation is a direct result of the competition that exists between tech companies in the free market. If one company comes out with a revolutionary new tech concept and is able to properly implement it into their product, then it is safe to say that other companies will take heed of this development and put their own spin on it. If you don’t believe this, then take a look at all of the voice-enabled home assistant devices that have sprung up as of late! By going with streaming devices, you can have access to the latest and greatest tech achievements in your own living room.

They Do Not Have to Involve Expensive TVs

Contrary to popular belief, having a smart TV is not actually the only way to cut the cord and rely only on streaming devices. While they can be one of the more convenient methods of switching to a streaming-only setup, smart TVs are expensive and often rely on apps that take forever to load over a Wi-Fi connection. In contrast, there are ways to stream live TV and movies without needing to worry about all of the fancy screens.

To start, a common way of accomplishing this is to get a streaming box that hooks up to any normal TV monitor. Even though your TV will not have all of the fancy apps or internet capabilities that come with a smart TV, you will still have access to the shows and movies that you want for a much cheaper initial price. Additionally, you can also rig a streaming setup with your laptop, phone or tablet! By using an HDMI cord with a compatible adapter and TV plugin, you can stream shows from your smaller device onto a TV screen without much hassle or the need for expensive TV purchases. Regardless of your TV usage and needs, following these helpful tips can allow you to get the most out of your streaming devices at home.

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