4 Reasons to Make Your Timeshare Exit

What is a timeshare? A timeshare is a form of property ownership split between multiple parties. Under this form of property ownership, each party has the right to use the property. Generally, the properties are vacation homes, like condominium units or smaller houses. Each joint owner of the property is allocated a time when he or she can use it throughout the year. At first, it may seem like a timeshare has nothing but benefits. Many people believe timeshares for sale are a great buy with the added bonus of being an annual holiday resort. However, there are some serious downsides to owning one.

In a few cases, owning a timeshare ends up working without any issue, but for most individuals or families, there are numerous risks. If you plan on purchasing this type of property ownership, make sure you have all the information required before making an irreversible financial decision. Listed below are some of the biggest risks associated with buying from timeshare companies.

Still do not want to sell your timeshare? Flexibility Is Limited

Right from the get-go, timeshares are a bad idea. Why? Buying one restricts you to taking a vacation for a week or two at a specified time in the same location. You could use the money you would give to a timeshare company on vacations at dozens of exotic locations around the world. Would it not be better to have a fantastic vacation whenever you want, rather than going to the same place at a predetermined time? These properties can become boring vacation destinations very fast.

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Additionally, some these forms of property also have blackout dates. This means if your plans change, you are not able to move your date to stay at your timeshare later in the year. You do not want to put aside extra money for vacation plans only to find out the property is unavailable on your preferred travel dates.

Modern timeshare companies try to dress up their flexibility options. Most of these companies own properties all over the globe, so customers have a variety of destinations to choose from. Many of these companies also use a points system. With this system, customers can access certain days and locations more easily. Additionally, if they miss a vacation one year, the points roll over to the next year, giving them more flexibility. However, as tempting as that arrangement may sound, it is still far more restrictive than traveling without a timeshare. These options only present the illusion of choice.

The Cost of Upkeep for a Timeshare

All properties are accompanied by maintenance and upkeep fees. Even if you do not actually use your vacation time every year, you still have to pay a fee. To make matters worse, the fees typically rise every year. Therefore, your timeshare can become more expensive over time. If you want to sell your timeshare now, it would not be a bad idea.

Property owners often do not read the fine print on their contracts when they buy timeshares for sale. They may be swayed by salespeople into signing up before they have had a chance to think it through. As a result, the fees for upkeep can come as a massive surprise. All the fees for various upkeep expenses soon add up. If you are still wondering “what is a timeshare?” Here are some of the most common things included in maintaining these properties:

  • Management fees.
  • Taxes.
  • Utilities.
  • Insurance payments.
  • Beautification.

Altogether, these fees tend to be around $1,000 annually. Fees for luxury properties can be even higher. If you do not pay on time, you accrue interest and late fee penalties. Additionally, on top of upkeep and maintenance fees, some timeshare firms charge a membership fee. There are also additional fees if you try and share or transfer your timeshare ownership with other parties.

Timeshares are Expensive

Even without taking the upkeep fees into account, the cost of purchasing a one of these properties may be expensive enough to stop you from buying one. The average price for a timeshare for sale offering a one-week annual vacation is approximately $19,000, according to the American Resort Development Association as of writing. The math looks good if you divide that over several years, but the reality is you may get bored of your timeshare after three or four visits. Once you have visited the same place a few times, you may no longer feel that your purchase is worth it. After all, how many international vacations could $19,000 fund?

Apart from the initial cost of purchase and the yearly fees from timeshare companies, lots of property owners take out loans for their initial purchase. This can result in your property costing two or three times as much over time of the loan’s duration because the interest you pay is high. It also means you may be unable to take out a future loan on a more important payment until your timeshare loan is dealt with.

Find a Timeshare Exit: An Investment With Bad Returns

You may consider these types of properties a safe financial choice for long-term investment. After all, everyone knows property is generally reliable for wealth-building. However, when you consider the maintenance fees and restrictions on a timeshare, its overall value drops significantly. If you are considering purchasing this kind of property for its resale value, think again.

Timeshares are like cars. As soon as you have purchased one, its value begins dropping. In fact, these properties depreciate even faster than cars do. Individuals typically prefer new a timeshare for sale over a used one. As a result, the value of the timeshare depreciates quickly. The fewer individuals want to purchase a used property, the less one can go for. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will break even on a sale, let alone receive a return on your investment.

Want to sell timeshares? Think Again

A timeshare is notoriously difficult to sell. The main reason for this is supply and demand. Quite simply, the number of resales for this kind of property available on the market majorly exceed the demand for sales. This has never changed over time, so it is extremely unlikely it will change in the future. In fact, used properties are depreciating all the time and seem to be getting worse. You can find properties being sold for as little as one dollar because the owners just want to get rid of them and their associated annual fees.

Not only are you going to lose money by reselling your properties, but the actual act of selling a timeshare is time consuming. You effectively act as your own realtor during the process. In addition, the other property owners may not be happy you are selling your share, which may present additional difficulties.

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