The Latest Online Saving Strategies

The internet is ever-evolving with new ways of saving money. Some of the latest online saving strategies help you find deals on online shopping.

Other tips show you how to increase the amount of money that goes into your savings account each month, while others provide new, efficient ways of saving on daily tasks. Most bargain hunters of today automatically go online to look for deals, but narrowing down your search terms can really help you uncover some rare gems. The following websites, apps and ideas can help you keep more money in your own pocket today.

Feed Your Kids for Free

Families can save money through free kid dining offers at local favorite restaurants. A simple internet search can uncover this year’s hottest “kids eat free” deals at eating establishments. Local options for free kids’ dining often include fast food, buffets, breakfast diners and sit-down restaurants. A click or two on your smartphone can also show you the closest locations offering these deals and tell you how to get there. In most cases, you must purchase an adult meal to obtain the free kids’ meal so the offer works like a “buy one, get one” deal or a cash back offer for the price of the kid’s meal. Some restaurants allow two children to eat free for each adult meal purchase. Free kids’ meals are usually limited to children 12 years of age and younger.

Build Up Savings Automatically

If, like most Americans, you love the idea of having a fat savings account but lack the discipline to make it happen, then search online for an automatic savings app. Each app’s features and savings methods vary, but all of them work by automatically removing small amounts of money from your checking account and stashing it away before you have a chance to spend it. Many send periodic emails or texts to encourage you and remind you of your savings goals.

Some automatic savings apps allow you to be creative when choosing dates for the app to transfer funds. Link it to your weather app and have it withdraw money on every rainy day or link it to a fitness app and reward every mile you walk or pound you lose with a small deposit into your savings. You can also allow certain friends or family members to see your deposits, so they can encourage you to keep saving. Over time, all of these small actions can help you save enough for the car, house or vacation of your dreams.

Take Advantage of Canceled Weddings

Are you ready to say, “I do” but want to yell, “I don’t!” at high wedding expenses? With the current average wedding cost reaching over $33,000, brides and grooms (and their parents) are eager to find deals on venues, flowers, food, DJs and more. Although a search for “wedding deals online” opens countless links to coupon codes and sales, one option few people consider is searching for a canceled wedding broker.

While it may feel heartless to cash in on someone else’s broken heart, these professionals scoop up broken wedding contracts and resell them at a deep discount. If you are early in the planning process and have some flexibility on wedding dates, then you can score the best deals. Because the previous couple already paid most or all of the venue’s or service provider’s fee, your purchase through the broker can help them recover some of their money. Meanwhile, you get a fantastic venue, photographer, caterer or florist at savings up to 70 percent off the original retail price. Canceled wedding brokers also sell deeply discounted honeymoon packages.

Look Up DIY Cleaning Recipes

If you have the time, then stirring up your own DIY household cleaning products can save you a decent chunk of change every month. Most of us did not grow up seeing our parents concoct their own laundry detergent or glass cleaner, but the internet is now full of simple recipes that show you how. Most use basic ingredients easy to find at your grocery store, such as baking soda, Borax, lemon juice and vinegar. Another bonus: these concoctions clean well without leaving behind harmful chemical residues. If you have allergies or skin sensitivities, then making your own cleaning products could also save you money on doctor bills.

Trim Your Monthly Bills

App developers are constantly coming out with new ways of helping us save money. There are many new budgeting apps available that help you keep track of where every penny goes each month, and some even make suggestions that help you cut costs on utilities, cable, internet service and online subscription fees. For instance, you may forget that you signed up a year ago to make an automatic payment each month to a certain charity after seeing an emotional plea on TV. However, your budgeting app does not forget and can ask if you wish to continue the payment. If money is tight, then you may decide to “donate” to your own savings for a while instead.


Save on the Road

Some of the latest online saving apps and websites help you trim costs during your daily commute. There are gas apps and websites that show you where you can find the cheapest gas near your current location. If you help them by entering how much you paid for gas in your area, then you can earn points toward weekly prizes and other rewards.

Another type of app helps you save money on parking by showing you the cheapest nearby parking options. Accessible on your phone or browser, these sites show detailed maps and photographs of parking locations, to help you find them easily.

Connect With Freebies

Obtaining something totally for free is quite obviously the best way to save money on items you need, and the internet makes this process easier than ever. All major cities and suburbs have websites for free item exchange groups or online classified ads offering free items. Social media has also increased the number of ways you can connect with people offering free merchandise. Joining these groups does not cost anything and may save you hundreds of dollars on furniture, tools, toys and any number of other items that you use on a daily basis. Likewise, you may be able to use these same apps for earning money but selling or trading your belongings, merchandise or services.

Unsubscribe From Retail Emails

While standard online saving advice is to download store apps or sign up for emails from all of your favorite retailers, a better money-saving strategy may be to unsubscribe from most of them. Why? So, you will not be tempted to buy something if you never see price shopping tips. Yes, apps and emails often include money-saving coupons and other offers, but how much of that spending is on impulse? If you know you have a problem with impulse shopping or shopping for emotional reasons, then you may find that you save a lot more money by simply removing these online retailers from sight for a while.


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