Best Times To Shop Online

When it comes to finding the best deals online, the time you choose to shop can matter as much as where you choose to shop online.

Many retailers have one or more periods per year when they offer spectacularly low prices. These sales can last for just one day or extend through an entire month. Most people do not realize how much money they can save by shopping for certain items during specific months of the year. Follow the guidelines below to find deals on the products you need during each month and on each day of the week so you can save money online. Also consider signing up for email or text sale notifications from your favorite online retailers.


Holiday season deals continue after Black Friday, leading up to Christmas. As football season tapers off, you can often find cheap NFL seats online. During the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, look for big markdowns on toys, Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

As people make new commitments to getting healthy, January is a great month to find sales on fitness equipment. Retailers also offer deep discounts on summer items such as bicycles, hot tubs and swimming pools. Because new furniture collections often arrive in stores in February, the previous year’s collections are often discounted during January.

President’s Day is celebrated in February, and the holiday has long been associated with sales on bedding, furniture and household tools. It is also a good time to find deals on last year’s camera models, as new ones frequently come out in February. To clear out old inventory before spring, dress shops often mark down last year’s prom dresses and wedding gowns. If you wait to shop on February 15, you can find post-Valentine’s Day chocolates, roses, lingerie and perfumes at a 50 percent discount.


March is generally regarded as the month that new spring clothing begins to arrive on retailer’s real and virtual shelves. This means that remaining winter clothing is discounted to move quickly. In anticipation of spring cleaning, many online retailers host sales on vacuum cleaners and other spring cleaning tools and products. As thoughts shift to spring break, it is possible to find good sales on luggage online.

April is a good time to find significant online travel deals because it marks the end of tourist season for warm weather destinations. You can also find deals on laptops because they often go on sale during April (you can also try to find some sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in fall). Once Easter is over, look online for deeply discounted Easter candy, dress up clothing and spring home decorations.

May is known as mattress month, because many retailers put them on sale around Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day sales online and in brick-and-mortar stores include deals on small kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers and blenders. The launch of cookout season also brings with it sales on barbecue grills, tools, seasonings and condiments. As warm weather settles in, athletic shoes and clothing are frequently placed on sale. Check out some online savings strategies here.


You can find the year’s best deals on textbooks this month, as students of all ages finish one school year and need to clear bookshelf space for the following year’s curriculum. Other items you can get deals on in June include:

  • Father’s Day tools.
  • Cellphones.
  • Lingerie.
  • Gym memberships (as gyms experience the mid-summer lull).

Look for deals on bathing suits, shorts and other summer attire toward the end of summer as retailers make room for fall clothing. It is a great time to buy this type of apparel because it is still warm enough to use them. After July 4th, you can find discounted patriotic clothing, decorations and other items. Jewelry often goes on sale by retailers who need a boost in sales between the big winter holidays of Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Additionally, some big personal electronics retailers have “Black Friday in July” events to boost sales during what is usually a slow month.

August is a great time to stock up on summer essentials now on clearance. You can also find the year’s best deals on school supplies as retailers compete for your business. Look for deals on:


  • Every type of back-to-school supplies, including kids clothing and school uniforms.
  • Linens and towels for college students.
  • Summer flip flops and other hot-weather attire.
  • Lawn mowers and garden tools.


This is the best month to find discounts on iPhones, as new models are announced in September. Kitchen goods are also on sale to move excess inventory after the summer wedding season ends and fewer people are moving into new homes. Labor Day brings a wide assortment of sales online, including another round of deals on furniture and mattresses.

You can get deals on camping gear as camping season draws to a close in most states. Patio furniture is usually a great purchase in the fall as autumn settles in. Last year’s cars start being discounted deeply because dealers need room for all the new models released in September. October is also a good time to find online travel deals because it is not a popular month for traveling.

There are a lot of deals to be found in November, so it is a good idea to save up for November shopping. Deals you can find this month include:

  • Discounted Halloween candy and fall decorations.
  • Pre-Christmas deals on electronics.
  • Cyber Monday travel deals.
  • Sales on nearly everything on Black Friday.
  • Wedding dresses, as it is not a popular month for weddings.

Are some days of the week better for online shopping?

When it comes to scoring deals online, the day of the week may not matter as much as the time of year. However, there are some deals that tend to appear on certain days of the week more often than others.


  • Monday: You may find better deals on electronics such as televisions, video games and cameras because rebates are often applied early in the week.
  • Tuesday: Many experts say you can get the best deals on airline tickets if you shop on a Tuesday. Some deals will extend through Thursday. Men’s clothing is often discounted online.
  • Wednesday: Fill up your car Wednesday through early Thursday to avoid weekend gas price hikes. Some grocery stores start new sales mid-week. Online prices on jewelry, kids’ shoes and children’s clothing can be lower today and Thursday.
  • Thursday: Online weekend deals on clothing often start on Thursday. Handbags may also be reduced.
  • Friday: Accessories including belts, scarves and jewelry have an average discount of 42 percent online.
  • Saturday: Books, intimate apparel and outerwear are often on sale online on Saturdays.
  • Sunday: Major appliances are often on sale online, as are groceries and swimsuits. You can learn about finding online coupons here.

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