Personal Finance Resources

Saving money and keeping track of finances is a task that overwhelms many individuals.


Making sure all the bills are paid on time and that the budget is being met every month can take a bit of effort, but there are many helpful options to help keep track of personal finances. Resources, such as apps and websites, are useful for keeping finances in check, saving money and even earning some extra cash. Read on to find out more about personal finance resources.

Personal Finance Apps

Everyone needs a little help saving money and keeping track of their finances from time to time. With mobile apps, getting that help is easier than ever. There are apps for almost anything imaginable, including a wide array of finance apps. From saving and investing money to tracking and earning money, there are very many apps on the market that help make managing finances simple.

The hardest part of managing your finances is likely tracking your spending and budgeting. It is difficult to remember how much money you have left when on the go or when a bill is due. It can also be time consuming to keep track of balances on multiple bank accounts, especially when those accounts are with different banks. Finance-tracking apps can assist in taking care of all these needs, some by consolidating your accounts, tracking your spending habits or by helping you create a spending plan.

Part of managing your finances and sticking to a budget involves saving and earning money. There are tons of great apps that help do just that. If you enjoy using coupons to save money on groceries and household items, there are many coupon apps that can save you money without ever having to clip a single paper coupon. Some of these apps offer coupons that can be scanned from your phone at the store, while others offer cash back on certain purchases with the upload of a receipt. Earning some cash from your phone is also possible through apps that offer paid surveys, task-based or transportation jobs and ways to sell used items locally.


Cutting coupons has always been the traditional way of saving money on groceries, clothing and other essential home items. While paper coupons are still a great way to save, there are now many different ways to find and use coupons on the internet. Many of the same retailers and print coupon distributers that send coupons by mail also offer printable coupons online, as well as apps that allow coupons to be used digitally.

Shopping online can also help you find great deals you would not be able to find in-store. Sites like RetailMeNot provide coupon or promo codes that can be used on purchases at a variety of online retailers. Cash back offers are also a great way to save money on items you already buy. Rebates and cash back sites, like Ebates, give shoppers a percentage of the amount spent on a purchase back. Some sites, such as Groupon, also allow you to buy goods and services at a deep discount.

Finding tips and tricks on couponing and how to lead a money-saving lifestyle from experienced couponers is a great way to get your journey started. There are many couponer blogs that offer ideas and how-to guides on couponing and shopping that fit many lifestyle needs. These blogs often share deals, freebies and coupons with readers and subscribers.

Paid Surveys

Earning cash on the side can be as easy as sharing your opinion. You can earn money, gift cards and other rewards by completing paid surveys. Companies use paid surveys to gather marketing information from you in exchange for a small payment. While individual surveys may not pay much, they are usually short enough to complete in a few minutes and completing many of them can help you make some money. Some companies may even offer higher cash incentives for longer, more complex surveys or focus groups.

While paid surveys are a good source of extra cash, it is important to note that they do have some disadvantages. Paid surveys typically do not offer much compensation per survey and the availability of surveys you are eligible for may vary from week to week. These surveys should never be used as a reliable source of income. Rather, they should be used as a way to generate a little extra cash each month. There are also many paid survey scams on the market, so it is important to make sure that you only sign up with companies that do not require a membership fee.


Donating to a charity can make you feel like you are doing some good in the world, but it can also do some good on your finances. Qualified charitable donations are tax-deductible, so tax season arrives, a donation may actually end up saving you money. When making a tax-deductible donation, it is important to keep records for when you file your income taxes, as official documentation must be provided for deduction.


Before making a donation, it is important to know what constitutes as qualified donation and what does not. Not all charities are eligible for tax-deductible donations, and not all donations made to a qualifying nonprofit organization count as tax-deductible. For example, buying a fundraiser raffle ticket does not qualify as a deductible donation, even if the organization hosting the fundraiser is a qualified charity. Monetary donations are not the only charitable donations that are tax-deductible. Donating items, such as clothing, furniture, appliances and food, to qualifying charities also count towards tax deduction.


In the past decade, crowdsourcing has become an increasingly popular way to complete personal and corporate objectives. Crowdsourcing is defined as the taking of a job or task usually completed by a single agent or employee and having it be completed by a larger, undefined group of people. Part of crowdsourcing is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise the capital needed to start a business or the funds to pay for medical expenses. There are several websites online that are available for those who wish to start a crowdfunding campaign of their own.

How to Save Money Online

The easiest way to save money when shopping is to shop online. Although many believe shopping in stores is cheaper since there are no shipping fees involved, it is often easier to find a better deal online on the same found in stores. Even retailers with physical stores sometimes offer better deals in their online stores, as they hold more sales and offer more coupon codes for online purchases. Shipping costs also tend to be low or free, since most online retailers will offer free shipping with a purchase of a certain amount or through a coupon code. Waiting for holiday sales is a great way to make the most of online shopping, as major sales can help you save a lot of money.

Saving money online does not only have to be through retail purchases. You can often find the household goods you need for free or at a deeply discounted price locally through online classified websites. For example, if you are looking for a new couch, you may be able to purchase a lightly used one at a fraction of the cost of a new one from someone who is looking to sell off their furniture due to a move. There are also websites that can help you find unclaimed money you may not be aware is owed to you. Unclaimed money websites help you search for assets, such as utility deposits, unpaid commissions or property, that have not been claimed by anyone which you may be eligible to claim.


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