Side Hustles You Can Do on Your Phone

It is not uncommon for employees to work a second job to earn some extra income. Some workers have a second full-time job, while most perform a part-time job.

Working two or more jobs is demanding, but one of the ways you can alleviate the stress from multiple jobs is working your second job from your phone. Making money on your phone may initially sound too good to be true, and while there are some side jobs that are actually scams, there are also plenty of legitimate jobs and even apps to help you make money.

Many of the side jobs involving your phone are focused on selling products or marketing. Working a side gig on your phone does not require spending any money. In fact, one of the most common red flags for scam listings is when the job requires you to purchase an app or pay for supplies before you start the job. In most situations, you are unable to make enough money from side jobs on the phone to cover all your expenses, but the income may be enough to match a part-time job.

Place Advertisements on Your Site

If you have a blog or a website, you can make a steady income by placing advertisements on your site. If you do not currently have a blog or a website, why not set one up? It does not take long, it is simple to do, and it is an easy way of making some money on the side while providing a creative outlet for your interests.

Some advertisement placements from affiliate marketing companies only pay you if a visitor who has clicked on the advertisement actually purchases the product on offer. However, there are many others paying out each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement, regardless of whether the visitor buys the product. Most of the time, you only earn a few cents from each click, but some affiliate marketing companies pay a few dollars if your site gets enough traffic.

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Even if you are only earning a few cents from each click, if you grow your blog or website so you have thousands of followers or monthly visitors, those few cents quickly add up. The more you grow your site and the more advertisements you post, the more you can earn. Even if your website does not grow, at worst you lose the time you put into posting on the site.

To get the most out of advertisement placement, increase your site traffic and post advertisements by well-known businesses rather than smaller ones, as big businesses tend to pay more than small businesses. The position of the advertisement on your site can also make a difference to how much you earn. If the advertisement is at the bottom of the page, visitors to your site have to scroll down to find it. It is therefore much more lucrative to post advertisements at the top of the page, so visitors immediately see it when they go to your blog or website.

Sell Old Possessions Online

If you have belongings you no longer use or need, why not declutter your home and make some money by selling them online? Most people have old clothes they have forgotten about, so have a look through your wardrobe to see how many items of clothing you can live without. If you like to keep up with fashion, you want to get rid of your clothes after each season, so you might as well make money from your used clothes. There are many online apps that cater to those who want to sell second-hand clothes, so it does not take long to post your items.

Books are another second-hand bestseller online. If you are a bookworm who has amassed a large number of books or you have college textbooks that you no longer need hanging around, use your phone to sell them online.

Sell Products You Have Designed

If you have an artistic side, you can earn extra cash by selling your designs. It is easy to print designs, artworks and photos on to a variety of products, such as mugs, towels and doormats. It is easy to sell these online too, as there are many e-commerce sites you can use on your phone.

There are lots of print-on-demand services as well, which means you do not have to spend any initial capital. Simply create a design, upload photos of how the design looks on different products and wait for the orders to come in. Once the orders come in, place your own order for the product from a print-on-demand site, which is able to ship it directly to your customer on your behalf. Once you have created your designs and set up shop online, there is minimal effort involved. Your primary responsibility is staying active and keeping up with any requests and placing orders in a reasonable amount of time.

Manage Social Media for Small Businesses

If you spend hours every day on social media sites, you might enjoy this side hustle. It may surprise you to learn many people gain an income from managing small businesses’ social media platforms. Everyone knows an online presence for any business is crucial these days, especially if the business primarily operates online. Many small businesses still do not know how to use social media effectively, or they do not have the time to use the many platforms every business should be on. This is especially true of pre-internet businesses run by older individuals. Many small companies are more than happy to pay someone else to keep their social media profiles active and current.

Simply contact small businesses in your area you have noticed do not have any social media presence or are not using their social media platforms to the best of their ability. Pitch to these businesses, telling them how you can help them get online attention and how you can bring in more customers. Managing social media for small businesses is one of the more demanding jobs you perform with your phone, but it can also be one of the most lucrative.

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