Prescription Saving Apps

Apps come in all types, sizes and price points. However, one of the best types of apps to come onto the market today are those that offer ways for consumers to save on their recurring prescription medications.

Prescription Apps can do everything from give you information about the generic name of a medication as well as tell you which store nearest you has it for the best price. With these apps, it is possible to never overspend on prescription medication again.

However, it can be difficult to figure out which prescription app would be best for you. Some are more intricate than others, often causing more confusion than offering assistance. Keep in mind that the apps, themselves, are not the discounts or coupons but rather show where the best prices are in your location.

The following information gathers all of the best prescription apps into one place with a short description of each so you can determine which of these apps would benefit you the most.

How to Spot A Good Prescription Savings App

When it comes to using an app to get savings on your prescriptions, there are some characteristics you should look for. Consider the following characteristics when reviewing the apps below:

  • Are you able to see a wide range of prices for the specific drug you are searching for, online and in-store? Sometimes the in-store savings are better than online but if an app does not search for that as well, then you are missing out.
  • Can you search name brand and generic equivalents of your medication? Many times, generic brands work just as well as name brand but for less money out of your pocket. An added benefit would be to have a reminder about when you should get your prescription filled so you do not end up having to wait after you have run out of medication.
  • Is the layout easy to use and understand? If you have an app that is not user-friendly, then you are not going to use it. So, when you are looking for a good app, make sure the layout is simple and easy to navigate. You do not want something very busy or covered in a lot of ads.

There are also crowdsourcing for medical costs options available for those who need assistance cover past or immediate health care.

The Best Prescription Apps

The following apps have many of the characteristics that make prescription apps useful to consumers, such as families creating a budget and looking to save on medication as well as individuals wanting to cut costs on prescription treatments.

Review the following lists to find the one that will work best for you. Most are free with options for a paid upgrade for more features.


Drug prices are not the same between one store and the next. With GoodRx, you can quickly search for over 70,000 approved drugs and find the lowest prices at the pharmacies in your area. Additionally, you can also search for different coupons to apply to your prescriptions, either print them out or you can get them on your phone through email or text.

Another brilliant feature of GoodRx is that it will constantly update prices to ensure you are getting the best savings possible each time you go to get your prescription filled.

GoodRx can even show you generic medications offered for four dollars or less at certain pharmacies, ensuring you get the best prices.

If you are searching for a very generic brand, then GoodRX may be able to give you a price but there may not be as much selection available.


WeRX is very similar to GoodRX. This app is laid-out in a very simple but easy to use format allow you to look up all the medications you are curious about. It can tell you about where you are able to find the best deals for your area, including four-dollar generic prescriptions for some drugs.

If you are interested in a specific area, then you can input the zip code to pull up the area’s pharmacies and pricing for each.

One of the best things about WeRX is that it gives you tips on more than just coupons and price comparisons. This app can also tell you about savings clubs or memberships that are actually beneficial to you in the long run.

It has a very wide selection of pharmacies to offer up to the user rather than just the larger pharmacies like CVS or Walmart. However, it may be lacking when it comes to searching for generic equivalents for certain brands.


Even though you have insurance discounts, it still may be quite expensive to get all of the medications you need. OneRX has seen the struggle and aims to provide savings that can work alone or in conjunction with your medical insurance plans. Even though this app is one of the newer ones on the market compared to these other options, it has been gaining a steady rise in popularity.


This free app will take your insurance information, which you can take a picture of to upload the information or type it in yourself. Once the insurance information has been uploaded it will calculate your baseline savings from insurance alone.

From there the app will then figure out any coupons for the medications you are searching for and combines it with your insurance savings at the nearest pharmacy. If you do not have insurance, then the app will ask you to input some information before calculating what their copay is without insurance and any coupons that can potentially cut down on expenses.

You can save your prescription information on the app for some of the best pharmacies that offer the lowest prices in the area.

When you get the list of pharmacies you can also filter the results based on parameters like hours of operation or if there is a drive-through option rather than walk-in.


ScriptSave has long been known as one of the front-runners when it comes to trying to save some money on your medications. This free app makes keeping up with medications and their prices a breeze. ScriptSave will allow you to search for savings either by a specific drug or by store.

You can also track the price of your medications to see if there are any changes in price since the last time you purchased.

Another interesting feature on this app is you can create a medication list with reminders and jot down notes about each one, which is quite helpful when going to the doctor’s office.

When jotting down notes beside the medication you can also track your mood, in case you notice some serious side effects while taking this medication.

If you have a documented period of time where a medication has caused problems, then you can take that to your doctor and talk about finding an alternative medication.


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