Apps To Help You Earn Money

When you have an extra savings target to reach or are simply trying to earn a little extra cash, going out and finding a second job might be more time and effort than is needed.

You may also have an issue with your schedule, in which any secondary source of income would need to be undertaken during hours you can select. If this is the case, then you may benefit from one of the moneymaking apps listed below. While there are many apps such as these on the market, those listed here are among the most popular and can give you an idea of the ways you may earn money using an app.

Most of the moneymaking apps available will only provide small amounts of money at a time, rather than equating to a full-time job. However, some could perhaps be used as the start of a new career, to gain work experience or even expand a client base.

Freelance Task-Based Apps

These apps use crowdsourcing to link clients with freelancers who will perform tasks for a fee. The tasks tend to vary depending on the nature of the app, although some apps have broader parameters than others. Some jobs will be practical, such as running errands or performing home repairs, while others are digital, such as designing a logo.

Gigwalk is a well-known crowdsourcing app, which connects its users to available “gigs” based on their GPS coordinates. These jobs might be performing mystery-shopping services, handing out advertising materials or other errands.

Field Agent operates in a similar manner, offering jobs in researching or auditing businesses nearby to the “agent’s” location.

Easyshift, another gig-based app, works by having its users sign up for “shifts” over a certain time period. Like Field Agent, the users will generally take on tasks checking up on local stores and businesses.

Fiverr focuses on the work of freelancers, generally performing short tasks based around the eponymous $5 fee, although you may charge more than this. The tasks are often in website construction, graphic design and other digital products. This is perfect for students who are saving and also need to expand their portfolios.

TaskRabbit allows those with home repair or handyman experience to perform tasks locally. You will need to be vetted in order to assure app users you are qualified for the job. However, you are given control over the jobs you take and your schedule.

Handy is another app that provides background and skill-checked professionals to perform jobs around the house, such as repair work, moving, furniture assembly and cleaning.

For those who enjoy working with animals, you could find work through apps such as Wag or Rover that connect dog walkers and sitters with clients. Others, such as DogVacay, enable you to operate your home as a kennel.

Transportation Jobs

For many of these apps, all you will need is a suitable vehicle and a valid driver’s license. For others, you do not even need a car. Most of these operate on a freelance basis, connecting you with app users on a job-to-job basis.

Uber is perhaps the best known of the ride-sharing apps, offering you the chance to operate your vehicle as a freelance taxi style service. You receive ratings based on your performance and service, and you may also choose your customers based on their ratings. Lyft, another well-known service, operates in a similar manner. You are able to choose your hours of operation and work using your own vehicle as well as increasing your earnings during peak hours. HopSkipDrive is a ride service designed to safely transport children, offering a relatively high payout to those who qualify as one of their “Care Drivers.”

Amazon Flex allows you to perform tasks as a freelance-based delivery driver, choosing the hours you wish to work delivering packages for the company in your area. Postmates also allows you to work as a delivery service, often delivering takeout food and groceries. For this app, you may be able to deliver using a bike instead of a car, depending on where you live. If you have a truck, trailer or van and are strong enough to help with furniture removals, then you could find work on the Dolly app. If you do not have your own vehicle but could work as a mover, then you can still sign up to the app.

Shopping Rewards

These apps allow you to perform short tasks based around your consumer activities to earn small amounts of money at a time. They might involve simply taking a picture of something you are buying or wearing and posting it on social media. Some will even pay you to watch certain videos or download and play new games. Some of the rewards are given in gift card form, although they might also be redeemable for cash.

Money Machine and Tap Cash Rewards are two apps that will pay you to download videos, apps and games. You can earn credits or points for every download, installation or view, eventually collecting enough to redeem them for payment. AppTrailers has a more specific job, simply asking you to watch trailers for new apps in order to accrue points. Slidejoy operates slightly differently, by placing advertising on your phone to be viewed every time you check it.

Some apps will reward you for reporting on purchases you make, perhaps taking a photograph of an item or scanning a barcode. These include apps such as Loot!, Mobee, Shopkick and Iconzoomer. Each has their own specific tasks and rewards systems.

Selling Items

One easy way to earn money is by selling your old, unwanted items or even items you have created yourself. This is a good way to earn money as well as streamline your belongings such as after retirement. There are many apps available to help you find local buyers. Some are based around certain items or products, while others will allow you to sell almost anything you want.



The Facebook app has a marketplace feature that will allow you to sell items to users in your area. All that is required is a photograph and details of the item as well as your location.


LetGo, a popular sales app, works in a similar way. This app also has a chat feature to speak with potential buyers and answer questions about the item. Another app for this type of selling is 5Miles, which additionally offers users the chance to advertise garage and yard sales, services, jobs and housing.


Blinker is an app specifically intended to sell used cars, enabling buyers to view details of your vehicle and contact you through the app. You may even choose to be paid through the app itself.


Gone is an app for selling used electronics. It offers a special safety feature, wiping any information you have accidentally left on your devices before selling them on. If you have books you wish to sell, then you can choose the BookScouter app to compare prices and take advantage of free shipping.


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