5 Best Personal Finance Websites of 2019

Learning how to manage your finances on your own is challenging. Oftentimes, after finding financial advisors, there is a high fee required to retain their services.

If you are looking for a more frugal approach to financial management, then take the time to learn more about the five best personal finance websites available in 2019. When you use one of these free programs you gain the ability to manage your personal finances more effectively which allows you to save for financial goals you wish to achieve in the future. From establishing a retirement fund to setting aside money to pay for your child’s schooling, these dreams are achievable once you understand financial literature.

While there are numerous personal finance websites available on the internet today, there are five companies providing superior service over the leading competitors. These companies include Kiplinger, Wise Bread, Military Wallet, Banking Sense and Credit Card Forum. Each company offers slightly different features to its customer base, but every program is designed to assist you in establishing your financial freedom.


Kiplinger.com is one of the leading personal finance websites offering countless benefits to prospective users in 2019. This site is overseen by the Washington D.C. based publisher known as Kiplinger and provides a user-friendly interface for those who are unfamiliar with the process of managing finances electronically. The information contained on this website is provided in several engaging ways, including:

  • Slide shows.
  • Blogs.
  • Special financing reports.
  • Videos.
  • News columns.
  • Financial quizzes.

When using Kiplinger.com, you are presented with the opportunity to learn more about the current business forecast and how this affects your economic stability. Additionally, Kiplinger provides numerous blog posts and articles focused on money saving tips you can implement within your own life to quell your spending habits and increase your savings each month. Some of the primary categories covered by Kiplinger include retirement, taxes and investing.

Wise Bread

WiseBread.com is one of the most popular finance websites due to the community provided by its exclusive membership feature. This site provides users with pertinent information about how to live frugally to help increase savings as well as how to manage personal finances. Members of Wise Bread include bloggers and financial experts who work concurrently to provide articles designed to help you achieve financial stability.

If you are struggling to maintain your finances even with guided assistance, then spend time reading through the popular life hacks section of WiseBread.com. The life hacks section covers essential topics such as technology and management, both of which can be used to your financial advantage. For example, using the technology tips section provides you with insight on how to use a money-saving app to track your spending which allows you to have a simplified way of seeing how much you are earning, spending and saving each month. For those managing an organization, the life hacks section is designed to assist you in learning new ways of overseeing the finances of this organization to promote further profit and development.

Military Wallet

If you are part of a military family, then consider using MilitaryWallet.com to track your personal finances in 2019. Military Wallet’s main goal is to assist military members and their family in learning how to become fiscally responsible. Some of the main topics covered through Military Wallet’s blog posts and articles are:

  • Retirement.
  • Insurance.
  • Investing.
  • Military discounts.
  • Post-military money management.

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Active duty military personnel, retired military personnel and military dependents are entitled to different financial benefits than civilians, and Military Wallet helps these qualified individuals to gain the benefits they are entitled to receiving. This includes military benefits such as health care and educational loans as well as housing programs and veteran’s care programs. If you are struggling to make ends meet as a military family, then enrolling in one of these benefit programs alleviates some of the stress you feel by helping you become smarter about your financing.

Banking Sense

BankingSense.com is one of the most interactive personal finance websites available and typically appeals to users who are seeking a more hands-on approach to money management. Through the Banking Sense website, you gain access to financial tips and advice that are free from the technical jargon commonly associated with these areas.

By providing people with a simple explanation for financial predicaments, Banking Sense allows users to find the answers they are seeking without becoming confused in the process. On BankingSense.com, there are numerous categories for you to search through to find information pertaining to your personal financial situation.

These categories include popular areas such as credit card management, taxes, insurance and small-business financing. There is a community feature offered on BankingSense.com as well, which allows you to share money saving tips with other users and to receive a helping hand when you are struggling to understand the financial literature you are reading. By engaging in the community aspect of the website, you are providing yourself with an opportunity to expand your knowledge even further.

Credit Card Forum

For those who enjoy interacting with a community, CreditCardForum.com provides you with a platform where you can discuss personal finance with users from across the country. This website functions as a public forum where people create posts about their financial situation and ask any questions they may need assistance with through the continuation of this discussion. This website varies from other personal finance sites because it is centered around the acquirement and use of credit cards. While you may discuss other aspects of your finances through the forum, discussions are commonly centered around credit card usage.

If you are wondering how to more effectively use credit cards to your advantage, then CreditCardForum.com provides you with direct insight to different credit card offers and the benefits they provide to customers. When you are on the fence about which credit card to apply for, take the time to post about your confusion on the Credit Card Forum and gain advice from people who have struggled to make this decision before you. In doing so, you are gaining positive insight into what it is like to hold one card over another and allows you to make the right choice the first time around.

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