Personal Finance Apps

Managing your finances is an essential part of life. If you can instill good habits with your spending, it will pay off in the long run.

When it comes to spending, everyone is different, but the baseline is the same, you should never spend money without keeping track of how much is going out versus coming in. Oftentimes, when you spend a little here and a little there you do not realize how much money you are actually spending. This is where finance apps come in.

Finance apps are a great way to keep track of every little purchase you make to provide you with a bigger picture about how your money is spent. If you are able to see how much money you are spending in the different facets of your life, you can make informed decisions about your money. For example, if you start using a personal finance app and find a majority of your money is going to eating at restaurants, you can start to cook meals at home to increase your savings. When you take control of your spending, you will be surprised at how much money you can save yourself.

Finance-Tracking Apps

Finance tracking apps are designed to allow you to input all of the expenses in your current day-to-day life and keep track of your budget. Finance tracking apps are essential for anyone who wants to start making an impact on his or her finances. Finance tracking apps typically break down spending into separate sub-categories like food, personal items, and necessary monthly items, such as transportation fees. With a simplified breakdown of your monthly spending, seeing what expenses align with your personal spending values has never been easier.

If you have a physical representation of all of your spending habits, you can quickly discern what habits need to be amended and which habits are best left alone. Some apps also have an option to link directly to your bank account, so you can calculate “what-if” scenarios using your actual bank account money levels. There are also different apps that are great for different spans of time. Some apps are great for continual long-term budget tracking and others are useful for short-term budgeting, like for holidays or vacations.

Coupon Apps

Coupons are some of the most underrated resources when it comes to finance and spending. Thousands of coupons go unused each year, which translates to savings going to waste. Sure, in the past, couponing was a very tedious process of finding newspapers, cutting out the useful ones and storing them away. Coupon apps cut that workload in half. With coupon apps, you can search the item or store you are curious about and if there are any useful coupons, they will show right up. Many coupon apps feature a variety of different companies it can pull coupons from, making sure you can get the best deals possible.

Some coupon apps will even have options to link to certain store loyalty cards you may possess to compound the savings you can earn. Another great feature about some coupon apps are when you use those coupons, you may also get cash-back at the same time. Coupon apps can also store the coupons you are interested in using at a later date, helping you stay organized.

Prescription Savings Apps

Many people have medication prescriptions in this day and age. If you know these prescriptions are going to be a reoccurring expense, would it not make sense to save a little money each month if you could? Others think so and have designed apps that can get you savings on certain prescription drugs. Not only do prescription savings apps help find you some of the best deals on your medications but they can also offer so good tips to help save money on other medicines like useful rewards programs you should join.

The way a prescription savings app works is that it can shop online and in-store to make sure the prices for your medications are the lowest they can be. If the app finds a store that offers a better price on your medication, it will pull up a range of different options for you to choose from. Some apps will also bring up savings for over-the-counter medications, as well, which can also save you quite a bit of money in the long run. If you have a specific budgeting range for certain medications, you can input that range and see if any prices come up to match.

Apps to Help You Earn Money

Within the past few years, money-back apps have risen in popularity. The basic idea of these apps is that when you shop for items using these apps, you will get a certain amount of money back with each purchase. Even if it is a little here and a little there, if you use the app often enough that the small amounts of cash that you earn will begin to add up into big savings.


One of the best things about these money-making apps is many of them allow you to shop for items you use every day, like cleaning supplies or groceries. Many retailers have been added to apps like these, ensuring that when you are shopping for household or mundane items, you have a large variety to choose from.

There are also other cash-back apps that will pay you to just take simple surveys or watching videos. Still, other apps will pay you to take photos and comment on social media about one brand or another. Some brands will pay people to help promote them on social media, making it easier than ever to get paid in this digital age.

Even still, there are other apps that will allow you to sell your old items online. Some apps will buy your old books or clothing back from you for money. So, if you have some old books or clothing you feel is probably worth something, you may be able to get some money back for it rather than donating or throwing them out.


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