Paid Surveys

How would you like to earn cash and other incentives for sharing your opinions with the companies that provide your favorite goods and services?

Does that sound too good to be true? Thanks to paid survey opportunities, it is actually possible to earn money and other rewards simply for answering questions online. Companies have learned that online surveys are a quick, inexpensive and efficient method of collecting valuable data from consumers.

Your opinions can help corporations develop new products, improve existing products and change the way they advertise.

If you have ever wondered if your opinion is worth anything, the resounding answer is, “Yes!” Review the sections below to find out how participating in paid surveys can benefit you and your family.

Also, get tips on how to find the best-paid survey opportunities and how to avoid potential paid-survey scams.

How do paid surveys work?

Paid surveys exist because companies need to understand the evolving needs and habits of their target markets. Companies cannot afford to waste millions of dollars on marketing campaigns that never reach their intended audience.

When you provide companies with your opinions, preferences and buying habits, you give them the information they need to succeed.

How paid surveys work is that these providers of goods and services reimburse you for your time and energy to take the questionnaire. Companies know that most people will not devote the time it takes to fill out a survey if there is no reward in it for them.

Although some companies directly email surveys to their customers, most prefer to hire paid survey companies to conduct their market research online. Larger paid survey companies reward survey-takers with cash, sweepstakes prizes and free products. Some operate on a points system where you earn a certain number of points for each survey you complete.

Your points add up until you reach the level to cash them out for various rewards.

Registering with a paid survey company is usually an easy process, which requires providing some basic demographic information. Finding legitimate paid survey opportunities can be a bit more difficult. Although there are plenty of good, honest opportunities out there, the industry is filled with scammers.

Most of the paid survey scam sites operate by selling lists of companies that you could find online yourself, for free. A good way to filter scams from well-paid survey opportunities is to avoid any that charge a fee to apply.

Pros and Cons of Paid Surveys

As with any opportunity, there are pros and cons of participating in paid survey programs. For many students, stay-at-home parents and other people who want to earn money in their spare time, paid surveys are a fun side job that requires little time or effort.

However, no one ever became rich by simply doing online paid surveys, contrary to what scammers might tell you.

The following are some common pros and cons cited by paid survey participants:

  • Pros
    • You can complete paid surveys at any time of the day or night, whenever you have free time and internet access.
    • Paid surveys usually have simple questions, so you can easily complete them while watching TV or waiting for your kids at ball practice.
    • Paid survey topics cover a wide range of interests and products, and you only receive invitations for surveys that fit your demographic profile, such as retiree or student.
    • Even though most paid surveys offer rewards that only add up to a few dollars, it is possible to participate in more complex surveys and focus groups that pay $50, $100 or more.
  • Cons
    • You cannot make a living off completing paid surveys online. Consider it more of a source of gas money or a way of funding a family vacation.
    • Although most paid survey companies allow you to decide how many surveys you complete in a day or a week, others may pressure you into meeting a certain goal.
    • You may not qualify for every paid survey invitation you receive. Most legitimate companies will provide some type of small reward after you have gotten a certain number of these survey rejections.
    • Paid survey websites can generate a lot of spam email.

Paid Surveys FAQ

Certain questions frequently arise when people are thinking about applying for paid survey opportunities. You may wonder exactly what the paid survey companies expect from you and what you can realistically hope to receive from them. Some of the commonly asked questions about paid surveys are covered below.

What qualifications do I need to be a paid survey taker? Virtually any adult can apply to take paid surveys, and some companies have surveys designed for younger people as well. Companies need input from people representing all demographic groups.

The only skills you need to complete a paid survey are good English comprehension skills and the ability to access the internet through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What kinds of information will I be asked to provide? Signing up for paid surveys requires providing some basic information about yourself.

This usually includes your age, gender, race, income bracket and level of education. Certain surveys will require additional details about your family, hobbies and buying habits.

How can I avoid being scammed with fake paid survey invitations? Be sure to research any paid survey companies you are interested in joining. Check online reviews, read the site’s privacy statement and avoid any companies that require you to pay a membership fee. Legitimate paid survey companies offer free registration.

What types of rewards might I expect to earn? Each paid survey company has its own system of providing rewards. Some send checks through snail mail while others send payments through PayPal or another online payment system. Other survey providers operate under a points system where each survey rewards you with points that you collect.

Over time, you earn enough to cash on gift cards, free products or other prizes. Some of the larger paid survey companies offer more than one type of incentive program. These companies also occasionally offer bigger prizes through sweepstakes entries or for completing longer, more complex paid surveys.


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