How to Save Money Online

Savvy consumers know that the internet is an amazing source of money-saving ideas, apps and websites. Searching online for sales and coupons before making any major purchase has become a common habit for most of us.

However, there are many other ways to save money online and new savings options appear daily. Staying informed of new online deals and learning how to find the best deals on the web can help you save money.

If you are living on a tight budget, then finding the best deals on the web can help provide some breathing room. Even if there is some flexibility in your budget, everyone loves to keep more of his or her hard-earned money. You can make your money work for you by shopping for items during the months and days that they are most likely to be on sale and by keeping track of new saving options online. Some apps will even transfer money into your savings account automatically.

Wise budgeting also means taking ownership of any unclaimed money or other assets that may be in your name. Billions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed assets are out there, just waiting for their rightful owners to return. Learn a bit about each of these ways to save money online in the sections below.

Finding the Best Deals Online

Your smartphone can be one of your best tools for accessing online deals. Loading it with coupon apps, store apps and budgeting apps can help you keep your spending under control. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to search for new deals, sign up for retailer newsletters and follow bargain bloggers on social media. Make it a habit to check coupon websites for codes to use before making any online purchase.

Other ways of finding the best deals online include using rewards and discounts linked to your favorite credit card and signing up for shipping subscriptions at stores you frequent. You can also try shopping from different internet browsers each time you go online to take advantage of more savings opportunities. Sometimes abandoning your online shopping cart for a few days is a great way to receive special incentives to complete the sale.

What are the best times to shop online?

You may be surprised to find out that when you shop can make an even bigger impact on the price than where you shop. Each month offers deep discounts and sales that are not available at other times of the year. Seasonal merchandise is usually cheapest when bought immediately after holidays or during its off-season. For example, January is a good time to find deals on summer items, including bikes and hot tubs, while the week after Christmas is the best time of the year to save on toys and holiday décor.

Springtime brings savings on winter clothing, spring cleaning tools and travel deals. Memorial Day has long been associated with sales of furniture, mattresses and small appliances. Late summer is when back-to-school sales begin for everything that kids and college students need to return to school. It is also a great time to buy warm-weather clothing, flip flops, sandals and beach toys on clearance.

When the leaves start falling in September and October, it is a good time to take advantage of sales on patio furniture, camping gear and other outdoor merchandise left at summer’s end. November’s most famous day of savings is Black Friday, closely followed by Cyber Monday. These dates kick off sales that run off and on through Christmas.

Additionally, the best times to shop online may vary based on the specific merchandise. Some days of the week offer better deals on certain items or services. Airline tickets tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays and you can often score the best major appliance deals on Sundays.


The Latest Online Saving Strategies

As the internet evolves to meet changing consumer needs, new online saving strategies appear. Many are in the form of apps that can do everything from show you the nearest restaurant offering free kids’ meals to directing you to cheap parking options. Apps can literally help you save money by finding corners to cut on routine spending and automatically transferring these dollars into your linked savings account.

Individuals and families can use the latest online saving strategies to save themselves money on items they intend to purchase. For example, online classified ads and social media resale groups can help connect you with free or nearly free household items. Those moving into a new home should use the internet to connect with freebie groups before plunking down huge amounts of cash on new furniture. Likewise, canceled wedding brokers maintain websites where they resell wedding packages that have already been paid in part or in full. Taking advantage of these deals can slash your wedding expenses in half and also provide a memorable honeymoon for pennies on the dollar.

How to Find Unclaimed Money

It might sound too good to be true but there could be cash waiting for you if you know how to find unclaimed money. Any financial asset that has no activity with its owner for a certain period of time can be considered unclaimed money. Usually, these assets are being held by the government or financial institutions because accounts became dormant or refund checks were returned to the IRS. Sometimes people forget to get reimbursed for utility company deposits when they move. You could have unclaimed money waiting for you if you have not been reimbursed for utility deposits or you know of insurance policies that were never cashed.

Every state has its own site to search for unclaimed assets. It is wise to conduct a search in every state you have ever called home, even if just for a short while. This is particularly important if you left a job in a hurry or your employer went out of business, as you may have unclaimed money from unpaid commissions, closed life insurance policies or retirement plans. Unclaimed assets can also include tangible goods, such as jewelry, property deeds and other common safe deposit box contents that may not have been properly distributed after a relative’s death. You can help prevent a recurrence of unclaimed money by keeping good financial records and keeping your bank accounts active by making small deposits or withdrawals every few years.



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