What are cash back offers?

Many online users are skeptical of cyber scams when they receive emails notifying them of cash back offers.


They either delete these offers or mark them as spam or junk, which is a huge mistake when dismissing real deals that can save them money. In efforts to promote their products, many companies are refunding a percentage of their product’s initial value through cash back offers. The concept is similar to many of the cash back rewards programs that credit card companies such as Citi Double Cash Card and Discover it Cash Back offer to their consumers.

Users can accumulate cash or rewards every time they make a purchase from a cash back site such as ShopAtHome. Instead of throwing money away, give these cash back service sites a chance. While they may sound too good to be true, you may actually receive cash rewards the next time you make an online or in person purchase.

What are cash back sites?

Cash back sites are online shopping portals that users can sign-up to find cash back offers. There are many well-known sites, like BeFrugal and Ebates, that get a commission off of bringing consumers like you to retail store sites. These sites then use the commision they make to send you cash back rewards. The following are cash back sites that have maintained a good reputation amongst their users.

Ebates offers cash back deals ranging from 150 percent cash back at Dish Network to five percent cash back at Amazon. You may receive cash back by referring a friend to Ebate. If they sign-up and make a purchase of at least $25, then you will receive $25 cash back for inviting them. Ebate also provides in-store cash back offers to those who link their cards.

ShopAtHome offers cash back when you shop at leading brands and stores, like Walmart and Macy’s, or participate in surveys. You can find offers organized by store in alphabetical order or in categories like “Electronics,” “Health” and “Pets.” By joining, you will receive a $10 bonus cash back.

BeFrugal offers cash back deals for over 5,000 retail stores, including Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods. The site features stores with bonus cash backs and top deals every day on its homepage. BeFrugal also contains a “Top Deal” section where it features specific product deals from a variety of retail stores like Target and Best Buy.

RetailMeNot offers cash back deals combined with online coupon and promo codes for additional saving. Unlike other sites, RetailMeNot takes dollars off purchases rather than percentages off purchases. The site generally gives more money back to its users than any other cash back site because of this.

How do you use cash back websites?

These sites require users to sign-up for free memberships to access cash back offers. Log in to any cash back service website like Ebates and SwagBucks. Search the retail store of your choice like Macy’s or Urban Outfitters and click the available cash back options. You can also narrow down the stores available to you by clicking on categories such as “Office Supplies” or “Men’s Clothing.”

By clicking on a cash back reward, ranging from one percent to 12 percent cash back, you will be directed to the retailer’s site to complete your shopping. The cash back site will then verify any transaction you make on the retailer’s site and approve your earnings. Some sites like BeFrugal, allow you to browse specific products that are already on sale. This way you will save money by matching a cash back offer to an existing store deal.

How do you get paid?

Although it depends on the cash back service site that you use, it may take several months to receive your cash rewards. Many sites, like BeFrugal and Ebates, can send your money via PayPal, direct deposit, by check or on a gift card. You may choose an option based on your preference when creating your account. Cash back sites like Ebate will pay you in cash rewards by check or PayPal deposit after a certain period of time, typically within 90 days. Contrarily, sites like RetailMeNot will send you a payment 15 to 20 days after your purchase has been approved. Parents can save for children’s college fund by using the cash back on items purchased for the household.


How do you get cash back offers in store?

In addition to redeeming cash back offers by shopping online, you can earn money while you shop in person. Cash back sites, like RetailMeNot and Ebates, allow users to link in-store offers to their credit and debit cards. Simply add your credit or debit card account to a site like Ebates. Transfer offers from the site to your card by clicking the button “Link Offer” when browsing cash back offers. Shop with your linked card at the select store to receive cash back. Keep in mind that you must use your debit card as credit when making purchases so that these sites can easily track your payment. Take it a bit further by downloading an app to your smartphone so that you can link offers to your card in store and receive cash back immediately.

Dosh is an app that offers automatic cash back when making purchases at a participating retailer. Simply link your card to the app to redeem up to 1,000 cash back offers. Shop in store, at your favorite restaurant or book a hotel and receive cash back on each night of your stay. Some participating companies include Chili’s, Target and the Hilton. After receiving your cash rewards, you may transfer your cash to a bank account, PayPal account or donate it to a charity on the app.

Drop is a global app thatallows its users to receive points from both on-going and one-time offers. Simply link your credit or debit card to the app. Every time you make a purchase you will receive points that you can later redeem as a gift card from your favorite retailer. You may receive points after buying a coffee at Starbucks or by taking an Uber ride to your friend’s house.

Ibotta offers cash back offers for retail stores and grocery stores. You can link cash back offers by completing simple steps before your purchase. If you are purchasing a clothing item from Old Navy, then the app may ask you to read a question about the company and answer a quick survey. To redeem your cash back, you must then snap a photo of your Old Navy receipt.


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