3 Benefits of Investing in Pet Insurance Sooner Than Later

Getting a pet is a wonderful event for many thousands of American families each and every year. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have likely experienced the joys of having a pet in one form or another at some point in your life.

They can be a big responsibility, but they can also provide a great amount of joy to those who spend time with them. Some people are more attached to dogs, while others are fonder of cats. Others still enjoy the simplicity of fish, and there are even some who prefer snakes and lizards above all other pets.

Pets are often seen as a valid part of a normal family environment. However, like normal family members, pets have the unfortunate capability to lose their perfect health for one reason or another. For humans, we visit traditional doctors and surgeons and use health insurance to cover our medical costs. Luckily, there is a similar service for pets in pet insurance. In order to get the best protection for your pet (and your wallet), getting pet insurance as soon as you get your pet can be a wise decision. Obtaining coverage for your pet can save you from having to dip into your emergency fund to pay for veterinarian care. This article will discuss this special type of insurance and why you may want to get some for your pet as soon as possible.

What is pet insurance?

Much like health insurance for humans, pet insurance is put into effect when a pet has medical bills with costs that exceed a certain amount or deductible. Instead of paying all of the medical costs for a veterinarian’s help towards your pet, you can get pet insurance to get a large portion of those costs covered.

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Pet insurance is a great tool for those who need it, but it is actually a very under-utilized service among American pet owners. The vast majority of pet owners do not opt to get it, thinking that their pet is in good health and that nothing could go wrong with their health. They are often mistaken, of course, and have to pay quite a lot when their pet becomes sick, injured or needs some kind of surgery.

While this insurance is undoubtedly important, it does not apply to all pets. This is especially true for those with a pre-existing condition that is incurable or those that are injured during the waiting period that leads up to the insurance being activated. However, if your pet is eligible for pet insurance, then there are some reasons why getting it now might help you in the long run.

It Can Help You to Get Lower Premiums

As a new pet owner, getting insurance for your new family member should be one of the first considerations that you make. This is because the older your pet gets, the more likely an insurer is going to charge extra in premiums. Pet insurers do not want to insure at-risk pets for many reasons. These include:

  • Older pets being closer to the end of their lifespan.
  • Older pets being more likely to get injured or contract an illness.
  • Certain breeds of pets being more at-risk of certain deformities or illnesses than others.

By getting insurance from the start, you will have to pay a comparatively lower amount each month than if you were to get the same coverage plan a few years into owning your pet.

It Can Protect Your Pet From Their Own Lifestyle

Most small pets like hamsters and snakes spend their days inside and usually within their own protective cages in order to prevent them from escaping the home or getting in needless danger. Bigger pets, such as dogs and cats, may as well spend a fair bit of time indoors. However, this is not always the case. Many dogs, and even some cats, are considered “outside pets,” which means that they play and sleep mostly outdoors. This could potentially leave them more open to the elements, animal attacks, cars and many other hazards that they would not experience from inside the home.

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In addition, getting pet insurance will protect your pet if they are particularly injury-prone for one reason or another. For example, athletic dogs may be less likely to have a heart attack due to their healthy exercise but more likely to suffer from a torn muscle or puncture wound from stepping on something sharp. Pet insurance can help to pay your medical bills in both cases, which can provide a certain peace of mind when you have a pet with a complicated medical history. However, it is important to remember that the more often your pet needs to go to the vet in an emergency, the higher your premiums will rise as a result of the perceived risk in ensuring your pet further.

It Will Let You Choose the Vet That You Want

Having the right veterinarian is an extremely important thing during your pet’s life. Similar to your own doctors and health care professionals, you want to choose a vet that is knowledgeable, friendly and knows what is best for your furry or scaly family member. However, quite unlike most doctors for humans, veterinarians can often apply their services no matter what kind of insurance you do or do not have.

While there are certainly different brands and companies that provide different pet insurance coverages, your vet will likely accept any kind of pet insurance regardless of network. This means that you can always go with the vet that you like or that has been recommended to you and will not have to settle for a vet that does not seem like the right fit.

Additionally, no matter where in the country you are with your pet, you will always have access to a good vet regardless of whether or not they are in your home city or state. In most cases, you can utilize the services of any vet, send their bill to your pet insurance provider and not worry about the rest. However, coverage may not include medical costs abroad in other countries. For these diverse reasons and more, getting pet insurance today might just save you from having to worry about a huge vet bill in the future.

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